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The Distributed Control Rights Management System (DCRM) is a patented technology module that enables users to lock-in and lock-out multiple assets across blockchains on the Fusion blockchain without surrendering private keys. Using the Fusion universal short account number (USAN), multi-token digital asset management is simple and secure.

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The demos are designed to give anyone a simple way to experience DCRM 3.0 in action in a safe, testing environment. Generate your own Fusion pre-sharded private key, set up a node, lock-in sample tokens, and exchange them

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try out or Distributed Control Rights Managament (DCRM) demos
our first DCRM demo/prototype
Fusion DCRM 3.0 Prototype

Developed by Fusion Community member Joey Kheireddine, the interface offers an alternative DCRM 3.0 experience showcasing how to build on DCRM 3.0

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DCRM 3.0 Developer Tools