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The Fusion protocol is the perfect technology environment to build a new forward-thinking application or cost-saving solution for your business. On Fusion, any and all digital assets become interlinked and are able to freely interact, fostering seamless integration with other businesses and technical systems.

Blockchain development is easy on Fusion, with a rich set of Finance focused APIs drastically reducing the requirement to program complex smart contracts.

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Proof of Stake

Fusion uses a custom built consensus engine known as Ticketed Proof of Stake (TPoS) to validate and secure transactions on its decentralized network.
Any person with a home computer can participate in making the network stronger and safer by setting up a node and earning FSN rewards.

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Proof of Stake

Decentralized interoperability

Decentralized interoperability

Fusion's cutting-edge DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management System) technology achieves unprecedented interconnectivity between blockchains and traditional systems.
Fusion opens up a new world of access, any digital asset can be integrated with Fusion's ecosystem and achieve unrestricted compatibility.

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More connected, easier to build, unique finance focused feature set.

Interoperability solution
Interoperability solution

Fusion's cutting-edge DCRM technology ensures that Fusion is the most connected ecosystem in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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API Solutions
API Libraries

Building on Fusion is easy with its rich set of native APIs that remove the reliance on programming complex smart contracts.

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Time-Value extraction
Monetize Time-Value

By combining Fusion's unique feature set, users can easily extract time-value from their digital assets.

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Tokenized Financial Instruments

Fusion makes it simple to recreate time-based financial transactions on the blockchain with it's revolutionary time-lock feature.

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