The Payable Staged Network

Fusion’s Payable Staged Network (PSN) is the fully functional Fusion Network in a staged testing environment.

Risk-free by design, the PSN uses P-FSN test tokens for testing all the exciting features of the network including Quantum Swap, Time-Lock, staking and more. Designed to be a win-win, people staking on the PSN using P-FSN test tokens will be rewarded in real-value FSN tokens!

Developers get a head start knowing that the PSN code will go-live as the main net once the PSN is fully tested.

For those interested in testing the features and functionality of the PSN, get creative by combining the native network features to explore what’s possible!


You’re invited

to try the Payable Staged Network.

This is your gateway to start Exploring, Testing, and Earning on the PSN.

PSN Tech to Try


The Fusion Wallet

Adapted from the open-source My Ether Wallet (MEW) the Fusion Wallet is connected on the Fusion protocol level. This enables a number of new native features that separate it from all other crypto wallets. The Fusion Wallet acts as a protocol gateway for decentralized exchanging, swapping, loaning and creating digitized assets.  Ultimately, the Fusion Wallet will securely support any token, coin, or digital asset.


Asset Lending

With Fusion Time-Lock functionality, users can “lend” P-FSN test tokens or other digital assets generated on the PSN to other users while still maintaining fundamental ownership. Lessees can use loaned tokens for a range of time-sensitive uses, including staking, which earns FSN ERC-20 rewards.


Peer-to-Peer Exchanging

With breakthrough Quantum Swap technology, users have full control of setting timing, terms, and asset pairing for their transactions. One-step swaps are executed securely and instantly without limitations or interference from a third-party – unlike using an exchange, ShapeShift, or Atomic Swap technology.


The Fusion Marketplace

In one place you can see all listed offers that are publicly broadcasted. It’s flexible, orders can be partially or completely filled and minimums can be set. Completely decentralized, it’s all peer-to-peer.


Generating Passive Income

By setting up a node and staking on the PSN using P-FSN test tokens, stakers can earn FSN ERC-20 tokens. The Auto-Buy Ticket functionality creates a mechanism for stakers to continuously compete to validate blocks. Essentially, it’s set-it-and-forget-it! For the non-technical, put your P-FSN to use by time-locking and lending your P-FSN to a staker and share rewards!


Asset Management

Generate a Universal Short Account Number (USAN) in lieu of long, separate account addresses for different limited asset support wallets. All assets are accessible from one short account number.

PSN Resources

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